Alison Dunhill


New Mexico series


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The artist made this series of 5 paintings following a visit to New Mexico in 1995, where "I became mesmerised by the extraordinary landscape of high, flat-topped mountains rising above desert, by the contrasting and complementary shapes of mesa and tumbleweed, by the eerie feeling of land, vibrant and immense, untouched by human beings."

Each of the New Mexico paintings depicts the same dramatic landscape, but explores different aspects of the setting using different palettes. Alison Dunhill's use of colour is not naturalistic, but responds directly to the tonal relationships of the landscape. The paintings are neither abstract nor figurative, but walk the tightrope between the two.

The images are further explored in the two On the Road paintings.

Alison Dunhill's New Mexico paintings have been exhibited in several UK galleries in recent years.

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