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“[Alison Dunhill] likes to paint outside, experiencing the countryside as she applies paint to canvas and this gives an immediacy to her pictures. The viewer knows exactly what was going on as the artist painted: the weather and the time of day; the rushing or stillness of the water; the wind in the trees; all are seen and felt. Colour is of great importance in these works, so much so that the use of black or deep, dark and brooding blue comes as a shock and causes the observer to consider the picture more closely, looking for the lighter, bright relief that is always present somewhere.”

Sherie Naidoo, Artlands


“Alison Dunhill's landscapes from Norfolk to New Mexico and beyond wrapped around the Fermoy Gallery perfectly, uplifting your mood once inside. Through bold bright colours, hints of Fauvism and others overlayed with more impressionism, some more abstract. The paintings conveyed the wide spaces of Norfolk with its calm, serenity, enhanced by the stillness of lockdown; elongated canvases stretched that feeling of light with the softer pastels of grasses blending, intertwined with dots of bold colours, movement from the skies, nature and winds of Norfolk from dusk until dawn.”

Malika Hemici


“The cover art for this issue comes from poet and artist Alison Dunhill of King's Lynn, and depicts swans at Welney Wash. Here, form and subject matter complement one another, with the lack of adornment representing the starkness of the Fen landscape in winter and the blurred effect mimicking the swans flying. Each time I return to this image, I notice something new. I feel that art, like poetry, has to contain mystery, something not quite comprehensible.”

Elisabeth Sennitt Clough, Poet and Editor, Fenland Poetry Journal


“[Alison Dunhill] uses the surrealist technique of irrational juxtaposition of discarded and commonplace objects with a lively fantasy and, like Kurt Schwitters, creates poetry from the commonplace. Marcel Duchamp said ‘any object becomes a work of art if the artist selects it from the limbo of unregarded objects and declares it to be so’. Alison Dunhill takes this idea further. She selects discarded objects and combines them into patterns and arrangements which then transforms them, in these combinations, into works of art.”

Diana Cohen, The School House Gallery, Wighton, Norfolk


“When visiting Alison Dunhill’s show, I was met by a calm gallery space with a carefully arranged display, yet within this imposed order, squares of energy fizzed and exploded like fireworks – one even echoed a Catherine wheel. The intensity of the small works dragged me in, wave upon wave of fleeting images went through my head: Cornell, Schwitters, Mondrian, Picasso, Matisse – they were all there. Alison, with her love of art that has gone before, had absorbed it, made it her own, and then through joy and freedom laid it out before us to enjoy.”

Kabir Hussain, Artist


“The minimalist gesture of collecting detritus found in the city transforms itself into poetry in the artist Alison Dunhill’s hands. The delicacy of the objects gathered and re-distributed find form in airy installations which gently touch the planes of ceiling, floor, walls and supports. In Alison’s propositions we are invited to explore the universe as it unfolds its parts. Hypnotised, we discover that the form derives from the unification of mundane component parts. Among objects such as found metals, wire, diverse fabric pieces and small bits of plastic, structures emerge from their everyday source into a strong poetic significance.” [more]

Michelle Sommer, Curator, Rio de Janeiro


“Each piece is an island of discovery. An element of play is present. Microcosms under glass. Scrolls concealing stories. Clouds floating above carrying their secrets. Intricate objects and collages. It is in the surrealist ideas of chance and found objects that Alison [Dunhill] finds her inspiration. ... She is led by the materials she works with. Found objects and re-cycled materials are part of her repertoire but cut paper, painterly elements or even canvas wedges can be found in her constructions. Sometimes these elements settle onto a bed of setting plaster. The textures, shapes and functions come together but it isn’t all chance. Alison makes the final aesthetic decisions in the work.” [more]

Esther Boehm, Artist


“Praise for the Plaster, Parquet and Pillars exhibition presented by artist Alison Dunhill at The Fermoy Gallery. I enjoyed viewing a great variety of original work made from everyday materials and found objects.”

Andy Tyler, Lynn News


“Alison Dunhill’s paintings seem to shine with a more intense reality. A painterly abstract surface resolves into a landscape, an imaginary landscape dissolves into abstraction. Colours of striking beauty … are colours of the imagination but also seem startlingly real and infused with emotion. They draw us in to share that intensity.”

Geoffrey Randall, Collector


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